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Dhunga khojda deuta vetiyo(Mexican food joint in Bangkok)

There is a saying in Nepali, “Dhunga khojda deuta vetiyo”, which literally translates to, when I went looking for stone, I found god. Although the meaning of this saying is deep and profound, we use it in our daily lives too. Something similar happened to me during this weekend, dhunga khojda deuta vetiyo. We went looking for a normal shop and we found a great place to eat :).

A and I were out for shopping trying to find one particular shop in Bangkok. By the time we reached the place, we were already hungry but we had to go for dinner with friends in less than two hours. This meant we could grab something to snack before dinner. Then by the same building where this shop was, we saw a small outlet where few tourists were merrily eating. We went in to check what it was. It was a mexican food joint. I like Mexican food, but I hadn’t tried it many times to judge how it really was. I had been to few places that served Mexican food while in C city. In Bangkok, we had been to Sunrise Tacos which is like a Mexican fast food chain and the food is okish, not too good and not too bad.

But there was something special about this little place. The pictures in the menu looked yummy and there were more than one thing that we wanted to order, but since we had to go to this dinner in the evening, we decided to order some light starters and a drink.

I ordered a snack size Quesadilla and A ordered corn chips with Guacamole dip and Mexican chicken wings.


The Quesadilla was amazing. The chicken was grilled and juicy, it had red beans, cheese and capsicum filling. Each bite was juicy and succulent. And next was Corn chips with Guacamole dip. Guacamole salsa is my favourite dip in the whole wide world, I often make it at home. But whenever we ordered this in some restaurants either the portion was very small or it was mixed with mayo, which we didn’t prefer. But this dip was perfect at this place. It was a bit different from what I usually make, this might be because I had never tried the traditional Guacamole before and I tend to put more lemon. Also the portion at this place was good, we got a bowl full of Guacamole and basket full of chips for 160Baht, which is not bad at all.

Corn chips with Guacamole, I couldn’t wait so took the pic after first few bites 🙂

The chicken wings was also good, it had a nice tomato sauce and dried fish on top of it which made the taste unique (same as the newark golbheda ko achar/tomato sauce with dried fish). I had Mexican strawberry/kiwi soda to go with the food, which I expected to be as good as the Ranjana galli soda that we get in Kathmandu but it was not as good.

Chicken wings with fish and tomato sauce

Our overall experience at the restaurant was very good. We were pleasantly surprised, it also had a free salsa bar from where you could select salsa for of your choice to go with the food. The only thing that I didn’t like about the place were the bench. It was not comfortable at all. It had a hard wooden bench and table kind of setting which is not too uncomfortable given that the restaurant does not come cheap.

La Monita

If any of you are in Bangkok or planning to visit Bangkok and want to try Mexican food, you can visit this place. The address is:
La Monita,
Mahatun Plaza, Ploenchit Road,
Ploenchit BST Station


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