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A story of a Day Dream

I have never been so short of words and blank as I have lately been. Its been a couple of months since I’ve penned down anything at all. But nevertheless I do still manage to visit my blog now and then, read what fellow bloggers are writing but haven’t really wrote down anything myself.

So in an attempt to forcefully break the silence here, I am going to write today! I have a lot of free time lately. I have a severe dust allergy due to which I am not allowed to talk or go outside. It is not an easy task to sit at home and do nothing. So let me get started with my chit chat.

┬áDuring my teenage days I used to hate long vacations especially the month long Dashain and Tihar vacations. It meant sitting at home, watching TV and doing nothing. I remember how bored I used to get. So to pass the time I used to day dream :D. Yes daydream. Day dreaming is basically imagining stuffs. It can be imagining an imaginary career, an imaginary relationship, an imaginary life or anything that might fancy your mind. While it was still explainable and sane to daydream during the boring teenage years, this habit of mine returned when I was doing my Masters’ thesis. Research can be very funny at times. Its like swimming in an ocean and finding something that might not even exist. And I had an entire year to find something without even knowing if it was there. So you can imagine why the habit of day dreaming came back, it was because I had no clue what to do in the first few months of my thesis days. So here is one of my funny daydreams here, hope you will enjoy it.

I was working under one of the best professors at AIT. He was one of those mad professors we see in the movies. He was a technical genius but he had no social life. At AIT I had seen many of my colleagues and seniors go to other countries to present their thesis. Being a student, I hadn’t travelled much during that time and I used to dream of travelling to foreign lands. So instead of focusing in my research, I used to day dream of being the star student of my professor. I used to dream how I would find out the never found technological breakthrough in my field of research and as a result my professor would reward me and send me to different countries to present my work. This dream would constantly occupy my mind and along with this I even used to imagine getting my dream job in a dream destination :).

But reality was something else! Research was one of the toughest challenges of my masters study. Forget technological breakthrough, I didn’t even have a proper finding and report to present few months before the final presentation. I struggled a lot and finally managed to finish my thesis somehow. The score was very average and nothing above the ordinary. My only achievement was that I managed to finish it on time.

Looking back I still feel embarrassed of my silly day dream regarding my research days. What about you guys? Does any of you day dream? And is your day dream always elevated to the perfect scenario and better than real life? I will be happy to hear.


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