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In the city

Hello, I hope some of you remember me 🙂

I have an interesting tale to tell from the Kathmandu city. Since our permanent move here six months back, there have been many instances worth attention, some good and some bad. Today I am going share an insiders story on Kathmandu traffic police.

My husband has not got a chance to apply(re-apply) for his drivers license. His license got expired 8 years back(sadly) and he still drives around in a car or a bike with the expired license around the K city(which we both are not proud of). We have been stopped at various check points by the hardworking K town traffic police officers to inquire the whereabouts of his documents usually a drivers license and the vehicle’s blue book. The drunk driving rule is pretty strict as well. So the traffic police usually stop motor bikes and private cars in the evening to check if someone is drunk-driving. The usual conversation that I have noticed between the driver and the traffic police goes like this

Traffic: License ra Blue book cha?(Do you have license and Blue book with you?)
Driver: Cha hajur. (Yes Sir)
Traffic(trying to sniff the drivers’ breath): Ma Pa Se ta garnu bha chaina?(You aren’t drinking and driving, are you?)
Driver: Chaina Hajur.(No Sir)
Traffic: La janus tesobhaye.(You are free to go now)

I have seldom seen them using the breathalyzer to test if the driver’s been drinking and I heard its because there aren’t enough for every traffic in the city.

Few days back we were returning home at around 9.30pm from a dinner party at my sisters’ house. We were on a bike, my husband had carried the expired license but he wasn’t drinking. As usual, we were stopped by the traffic police. So his first question was whether my husband had carried license and blue book. My husband, confident that he hadn’t drank a drop of alcohol, said yes of course! Then the next question was the unlikely one. Can you show it to me? At this point we were both nervous as we knew the license had expired 8 years back!!

To this, my husband timidly asked me to fetch for his purse in my handbag. Then he gave his expired drivers’ license to the traffic. The traffic police was young and looked honest. He examined it and asked us,”Please tell me what is wrong in your license?” My husband nervously replied to this saying,”Sir, actually it has expired!”. And the rest of the conversation went something like this

Traffic: Yes, you are right. It has expired 8 years back!!
Hubby: Sorry sir, I was living abroad and returned just a few months back.
Traffic: Do you realize that you cannot renew your license after 6 years of expiry? Now that yours has expired 8 years back and with all the new driving rules since then you are remotely qualified to drive this motorbike…
Hubby: I realize this sir, but I assure you if I was posing any kind of danger I wouldn’t be riding around with my wife as a passenger.
Traffic: Hmm, do you have the Blue book with you?
He didn’t have the blue book with him.
Hubby: Sorry sir, its an old bike that I borrowed from my Dad so I’m not sure where the blue book is.
Traffic(Rolling his eyes): Now sir, you don’t look like someone who would be riding around without a license and a blue book.
Hubby:I’m sorry sir.
Traffic: Now how do I penalize you? If I take your license, its of no use. You don’t have a blue book so no question of taking that and issuing a ticket. The only option is to seize this bike from you. Long pause. But I don’t want to do that also since many think that traffic police is here only to trouble citizens.
Hubby: I am ready to pay the fine I’m entitled to pay sir.
Traffic: On what basis do I fine you? I can only seize your bike and how will you go back home at this hour if I do that? Long pause again. Ok from next time, do not drive until you get a new license.
Hubby:Sure sir.
Traffic: And what will you say if the traffic ahead stops you.
Hubby(Nervous smile): Same thing sir.
Traffic: No wait, I will give you a note with my name and phone number in it. If the traffic ahead stops you, tell him that I took your blue book since your license is expired.

Saying this the traffic wrote down a lengthy note where he mentioned that he had seized the blue book and fined my hubby and give it to my husband. We both apologized to the traffic again and went ahead.

This is one of the inside snippets of the K city tales. I leave it to you to judge the situation. Was it right for us to drive even though our license had expired? Was the traffic police kind or what he did was against the rules? I leave it up to you all to ponder upon 🙂


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A story of a Day Dream

I have never been so short of words and blank as I have lately been. Its been a couple of months since I’ve penned down anything at all. But nevertheless I do still manage to visit my blog now and then, read what fellow bloggers are writing but haven’t really wrote down anything myself.

So in an attempt to forcefully break the silence here, I am going to write today! I have a lot of free time lately. I have a severe dust allergy due to which I am not allowed to talk or go outside. It is not an easy task to sit at home and do nothing. So let me get started with my chit chat.

 During my teenage days I used to hate long vacations especially the month long Dashain and Tihar vacations. It meant sitting at home, watching TV and doing nothing. I remember how bored I used to get. So to pass the time I used to day dream :D. Yes daydream. Day dreaming is basically imagining stuffs. It can be imagining an imaginary career, an imaginary relationship, an imaginary life or anything that might fancy your mind. While it was still explainable and sane to daydream during the boring teenage years, this habit of mine returned when I was doing my Masters’ thesis. Research can be very funny at times. Its like swimming in an ocean and finding something that might not even exist. And I had an entire year to find something without even knowing if it was there. So you can imagine why the habit of day dreaming came back, it was because I had no clue what to do in the first few months of my thesis days. So here is one of my funny daydreams here, hope you will enjoy it.

I was working under one of the best professors at AIT. He was one of those mad professors we see in the movies. He was a technical genius but he had no social life. At AIT I had seen many of my colleagues and seniors go to other countries to present their thesis. Being a student, I hadn’t travelled much during that time and I used to dream of travelling to foreign lands. So instead of focusing in my research, I used to day dream of being the star student of my professor. I used to dream how I would find out the never found technological breakthrough in my field of research and as a result my professor would reward me and send me to different countries to present my work. This dream would constantly occupy my mind and along with this I even used to imagine getting my dream job in a dream destination :).

But reality was something else! Research was one of the toughest challenges of my masters study. Forget technological breakthrough, I didn’t even have a proper finding and report to present few months before the final presentation. I struggled a lot and finally managed to finish my thesis somehow. The score was very average and nothing above the ordinary. My only achievement was that I managed to finish it on time.

Looking back I still feel embarrassed of my silly day dream regarding my research days. What about you guys? Does any of you day dream? And is your day dream always elevated to the perfect scenario and better than real life? I will be happy to hear.


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Hello from Kathmandu, Nepal

After months of planning and hard work, A and I are in Kathmandu now. We are all set to start our life here. To start with, I have decided to start my own online store operating in Nepal. My team is working very hard to launch this store which is scheduled to be launched on January. Please support us by liking our facebook fanpage at

We aim to provide a trust worthy and ethical place to shop where customers will get the best price in the market. Our store will have fashionable collection of clothes and accessories for both women and men.

Wish me luck :).




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Cameron and Heather’s story

Few months back I had posted about Cameron and Heather’s cancer survival story titled, A hard lesson learned in a battle with cancer. I received an email from Cameron that they have been trying to raise awareness regarding Mesothelioma(a kind of cancer that Heather suffered from). They have participated in a short video about her cancer experience. You can follow the link to look at the video:

Please watch and share the video to support Heather and Cameron on their quest to spread awareness regarding Mesothelioma. Thank you.

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Health Anxiety!

Its been many days since I’ve been worried about one thing or the other. These worries are not related to personal emotions.

In 2012, I had a sore throat. I was not too careful about it and it lasted for a month. After several days of antibiotics, the sore throat was gone. But it became re-current for a year which required taking antibiotics every 3 month or 6 months. So A and I were worried about my sore throat so we went to an ENT specialist. She thoroughly checked and prescribed medicines. A week later, the sore throat was gone but I inquired that I have itchy throat in the morning and sometimes in the evening. After that she gave me some antacids for a week. I felt my stomach was feeling relieved but the itchy throat remained and it was neither persistent nor could be totally ignored. So the next time we visited the ENT, she told us the problem could be gastrointestinal. On hearing this, I told her that my Mom had stomach cancer and if I should be worried. At this point the doctor literally panicked and referred me to a Gastro doctor. At this point, she prescribed a really expensive medicine which I didn’t want to buy as she was a ENT specialist who gave me meds for Gastro related problem. So A and I decided to go to the hospital which was covered by our Social Security. We went to the doctor there and explained the situation. After listening to this, he said I had GERD and gave me some PPIs and asked if I wanted to take an endoscopic examination. I agreed to endoscopy. Upon endoscopy, nothing unusual was discovered except that I had mild chronic gastritis. The doctor took several samples for biopsy and the reports turned out normal. Satisfied with the examination, we decided to discontinue the PPIs and eat a balanced diet avoiding spicy food.

Everything was going fine but one day I had difficulty to swallow for few days which went away naturally after few more days. But I was still scared thinking what if something was wrong. So we went to the doctor again and explained that I had pain swallowing and some lower abdominal pain as well. On hearing my story, the doctor said I could take another endoscopy and a colonoscopy if I wanted but the medicine would be the same. I decided not to take another endoscopy since my reports were fine just a few months back. But by then I was starting to have mild sensation of pain on my lower abdomen as well. I was very stressed and worried about my heath at this point. I became anxious and all the bad thoughts started disturbing me like What if something bad happens? Could my stomach pain be more than gastritis? I felt weak and scared. At this point, A  asked me to get hold of myself and not be so scared as there is nothing wrong with me. When he explained me the whole situation, it made sense that I was being over anxious. I talked with my brother and sister-in-law and they advised me not to worry as well. As days went by, I realized that I was over-analyzing the situation and being anxious for nothing.

Today, I feel fine but the mild pain in the abdominal area still persists. It is not unbearable. I am not taking antacids but having a balanced diet avoiding spicy, oily and sour food. We regularly eat fruits and green leafy vegetables. But I cannot help worrying about the small problems that I didn’t realize I even had in the beginning. So my question is, have any of you experienced similar health related anxiety? Is it normal to feel anxious about small health issues like this? Have any one of you felt that the doctors of our generation are being safe in terms of diagnosis and asking us to take all the tests and decisions at the stake of patients’ anxiety of the results? I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this.


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Sita Air Plane crashes near Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu

Just heard the news of plane crash in Kathmandu!! Its a very sad news, what is even more sadder is that the plane crashed just few kilometres from the airport and although the reason sighted is unclear, eKantipur reports that there is a possibility a bird might have hit the plane! It is ridiculous!! Even in this modern age of technology and development, our country Nepal lacks such infrastructure to provide proper take offs and landings. There are enough people praising the glory of the mountains and mount Everest but no significant interest to upgrade the airport has been taken. Kathmandu airport is one of the worst in the world!!

It is a shame and today is a very sad day, we lost 19 lives at the outskirts of Kathamandu airport!! May their soul rest in peace and may we all work towards preventing such calamities to happen in future.
To read more:

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Great Post, applies to all of us who want change 🙂

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