Reminiscing the childhood days

Kathmandu city is my home town. I was born and brought up there. My father built his first house in the religious town of Swayambhu. I spent my beautiful years of childhood in this town. I have fond memories of times spent there. I was born in the mid 80s. We played lots of indoor and outdoor games while growing up.

Although I have only one elder brother, we grew up playing childhood games with the kids in our neighbourhood. We played games like lukamari or hide and seek, dhyappa or touch and run, 7 stones, guccha or marbles, bhada kuti(literally translates to utensils, a play game like tea party where children play with miniature utensils) and several other games in which we pretended like we were adults, my favourite one was playing a married woman or playing a Mom :P. I was the youngest in the group so I never really got to participate in a more challenging game like dhyappa, lukamari and 7 stones. They would let me play but I would be a dudh-bhat(literally translates to milk and rice) or chusya musya(literally translates to small bits) in these games. This was because I could not run as fast as them and would cry if I was out of the game too soon. Being a dudh-bhat meant that I could play on even though I was out of the game and no other players took me seriously in the game. After a while I would realise that no one was chasing me or looking for me and I would start to cry. This was the reason my brother was embarrassed of me and he rarely took me with him to play. So, I usually played bhada kuti alone in the terrace. I often used to ask Mom to lend me some rice and I would use some shrubs as veggies and play my game.

Growing up in the Swayambhu area, we went to the nearby museum during weekends, we swayed in the huge rotating prayer wheels in the Gumba(Monastary), chased monkeys and sometimes they chased us back. We never missed to visit the Swayambhunath temple during special occasions like Buddha Jayanti, Saraswati Puja, Guru Purnima and whenever we passed an exam. Our school was in walking distance from home, so I used to walk with my brother to school. When we were young, my brother was very shy and I was the opposite. He never allowed me to talk to him and I was never to come to find him during school hours. He asked me to wait outside the gate after the school was over and we could walk back together. But I was not of the kind who would obey rules :P. I would go outside his class with my friends, point at him and tell my friends that I had an elder brother and run back to our playing area. Sometimes, I would go to the playground where he would be playing, poke him and run back to the class. At home my brother was different. He would play with me, teach me how to turn on a radio, show me his video game but at school it was a different story.

We lived in Swayanbhu area until I was in the 3rd Grade, I think. After that, we moved to another town and changed school. Another thing I remember about being in that area is the food like gwara mari(a kind of fermented and fried pastry), momo cha(dumplings), aloo sandheko and many more. I will write a different post to talk about this.

I wish I could post the picture I have in my mind of those times. Last year when we were in Kathmandu, we drove passed this area. Our house was still there and it was the same little house with yellow paint but the locality has changed drastically. There are a lot more people and many more houses now and everything looked so small and crowded.

So, this is a slice of my life from my childhood. Hope you guys will enjoy reading it and do share about your own childhood experiences and the games you played as kids.


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12 responses to “Reminiscing the childhood days

  1. I also have an older brother and I know what you mean when you say he was always embarrassed. My brother would hate it when I would follow him around when he was playing with his friends, but at home he would always play with me.
    I guess that’s just something older brothers do. They want to be cool in front of their friends, but they actually enjoy spending time with their small sisters πŸ˜‰

  2. OMG ditto. When I was young I used to play all these games lukamari , dhyappa, guccha and bhada kuti. Great childhood memories. πŸ™‚

  3. I feel.. I feel a tingling in my heart right after reading this. Nostalgia? I’ve never lived in Sri Lanka before and growing up in Dubai did not expose you to outdoor playing much since its too hot most of the summers or just generally anyway.. but I had so called cousins (who are related to me in some random way not cousins but they were my age so I’ve always referred to them as cousins) who visited me when I went to Sri Lanka on holiday and spent a month or so there when I was around 7ish I guess, its the longest I stayed as we went for my sister’s delivery there and we played something called “Chinchuru bhath” which is similar to bhada kuti translated into.. (I dunno what chinchuru is.. I think it means something like play/fake) and bhath is rice.. and we made proper rice and veggies in tiny pots and pans that my cousins had on an open fire made out of stone and logs. It was so cool to be honest. That’s my fondest memory of Sri Lanka and I’ve not thought about it since this post. Now I have a smile πŸ™‚ Thank you. and lukamari we used to play here too so that’s covered πŸ™‚ I lived in the barbie doll era. Lol

    • Chinchuru bhath sounds amazing….esp the open fire with stone and logs part πŸ˜€

      • Yeah we weren’t allowed to cook it on the actual stove coz it was too high and no fun so they built us a small one outside with stones and you made a fore between it with firewood and cook on it in matti bhada (clay pots) and the food tasted so good! Only done it once but I remember

      • It’s pretty amazing n I’m sure the children learnt a lot too πŸ™‚

  4. Many of these memories are common to most of all.


    Randomly bumped into your post when I was looking for English translation for Bhada kuti. And I’m leaving this site with a smile on my face and fond memories of my childhood which is the same as yours. Not only the games, but even the part of having a shy brother who would become a stranger when in school. Thank you for writing this. πŸ™‚

  6. Such an amazing piece, left a smile on my face, all those childhood memories πŸ™‚

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