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A Japanese tourist with Indian wife

Has anyone ever mistaken your country of origin. It happens with me and my husband(yes A and I got married in Feb :D) all the time.

I am usually mistaken for an Indian which does not make me so happy because I want to be identified as a Nepali. On the other hand A is identified as a citizen of whichever country he visits. For example, here in Thailand, everyone says he looks like a Thai. As A knows a bit of Thai language, people always think he is Thai. Last year, we went to Cambodia and they thought A was Cambodian. A says when he went to Malaysia, he was mistaken for a Malay and the same thing happened in China, Singapore and other surrounding Asian countries.

But the strangest thing is we didn’t think we would be mistaken for our country of origin in our own motherland, Nepal. After our week long wedding, A and I went to visit different temples in Kathmandu. As A is from Patan area, he took me to all the temples near Patan Durbar Square. One of the most famous and beautiful temple in Patan Durbar Square is Krishna Mandir. I know this is ridiculous, but I had never been inside Krishna Mandir before so A really wanted to take me inside the temple for a darshan. So, we were walking around Patan Durbar Square taking pictures and visiting temples. As we approached near Krishna Mandir, A took several pictures of me outside the temple and after that we climbed up the stairs to enter the main temple where there is a century old statue of Lord Krishna. In Kathmandu, many hindu temples does not allow non-hindus to enter the temple. So, when A climbed up the stairs, the pujari at Krishna Mandir stopped A saying Japanese are not allowed inside the temple! Hearing this both A and I burst into laughter. Then he talked to the pujari in Newari saying, “I am Nepali and I have spent my childhood roaming around this temple”, which clearly astonished him and he was a little embarrassed too. After this the pujari said,”I thought you were a Japanese tourist with an Indian wife!”

Krishna Mandir at Patan

Krishna Mandir at Patan

So, this was our story at the Krishna Mandir. Has anything similar happened to you guys as well? I would love to hear such stories.


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