All about Us

I am an ordinary person and I have lived an ordinary life. I keep discovering myself every day. I have always been drawn by mysterious philosophies that revolves around human emotions, sentiments and the life we live. Isn’t it strange how people behave in a certain way? How events occur and how it leads to a situation that we never even imagined we would be in? My story with A is something like that. I have always been teased by P, my best friend regarding the possibility of A and me being together in a relationship. I was never to know, her innocent yet casual thought would come true in the most awkward and unlikely scenario.

A was working since last few years in the same company that I work in. He was the only Nepali in this company before I joined. I had had few conversations with him over Facebook which was generally regarding how the company was, the working environment and so on. Even though we graduated from the same university, I had never met him. I had only heard of him.

When I arrived at B city to work, I hadn’t informed him of my exact date of arrival. When I arrived at the place where I was supposed to stay, there he was, at the corridor of the same floor where my room was booked. My first thought was, damn I should have informed him about my arrival! Then we just exchanged an awkward conversation and he wished me goodnight and went back to his room.

As I opened the door of my new room, I had no idea I was opening the door to my new life with the person I just saw and met at the corridor. I entered the room that night and took a deep breath, I was relaxed and excited to be where I was. I came to B city because I wanted a life of my own, independence is something I’ve always loved and freedom is what I had longed for. Living with my parents at K city was a safe but boring option. Especially at that time, I really wanted to get away from the responsibilities for a while. I wondered why did I have to meet him there that too in a purely co-incidental manner. I could not help thinking this could be some kind of a sign, but at the same time I laughed it out loud(literally).  I told myself that my imagination is silly and dismissed this fancy idea. I was not looking for a relationship at that time and as it turned out later, neither was A!

As days passed by, I seldom thought about it again. But there was something in him that I was drawn to, not exactly in a romantic way but I liked talking to him. We went along pretty well and we talked for long hours. But I was not particularly fond of his careless attitude towards his life. His friends would always brag about how good looking he was and how girls would buzz around him like bees buzzed around a flower. To me he was just an ordinary guy. One time I even told his friend that he is just an ordinary guy, not so special and there are many guys like him in Nepal, his friend did not quite like my candid expression about one of his closest friend, obviously!! Duhh!!!

As I got to know him more, my perceived idea of him and his natural self always contradicted. He was nice, humble, down to earth and logical guy.

There were frequent casual conversations with him after that which lead to knowing him more. He had well adapted to the environment he was in for over 5 years. He had little expression on his face, had a nice smile, seldom looked me in the eye when we talked. This made me look into him more, made me want to find more. I didn’t have a  slightest clue what was in store for us and I guess neither did he. Everytime I met him, the depth of his light eyes had some ethereal appeal to it. The more I looked into it, more it drew me to it. We were hanging out with the same circle of friends. This meant, having dinner together, going out to the city together and all other group activities. By this time, we had established a certain kind of relationship. Our friends used to tease us on our favoritism for the fellow countrymen. I guess in a way I brought him a little piece of Nepal in B city. I frequently held dinner parties in my room and treated everyone with Nepali food but A enjoyed it the most. We celebrated festivals together and it bonded us, yet we were unaware of what was to happen.

Then slowly, I wanted to be around him more, wanted to breathe in the same air he breathed out. When I look back now, those conversations at dinner, times spent playing cards after dinner were little excuses to spend more time with him, be with him. When I think now, why was it that I wanted to be in his company, the only thing that comes to my mind is how simple it was for me to be happy and carefree when he was around. How easily he made me laugh and how contempt he would look when I smiled at his jokes. Yes this was it for me, the simplicity of life and simplicity of being myself when he was around, the simplicity of him being himself when I was around.

He is a simple kind hearted person who cannot not make anyone sad. But yet he is very strong willed and knows what he wants. He wanted simple things for himself. He is emotional, sentimental, a tiny bit of self centered and human in every possible way. The person who was to come in my life, was him. It was not so easy for me to accept what was happening. The little confusions existed in the beginning. I tried to escape from what I was feeling. When A first asked me the possibility of us being together, I had been hesitant and reluctant to verbally accept him and say “yes” but my actions were a clear yes.

In a way, I had stopped believing in mad love. I had given up the idea of head over heels in love and convinced myself it only existed in fairy tales. I thought I would grow to love someone I lived with, I didn’t believe in the idea of crazy love at that point in life. The idea of romance, the sweet pain and longing that comes with it was missing in my life at that time. Although I have always had this surreal almost perfect idea of love and romance, I thought it didn’t exist in reality.

But love knows nothing, it does not tell right from wrong, it does not distinguish good from bad, it has no boundaries and it flows, it cannot be captured nor confound. It knows no language and it knows no evil.  And just like that love happened for us as well. And the rest as they say “is history”.

You and Me

P.S: Happy Anniversary A.


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10 responses to “All about Us

  1. pratikshya

    “wanted to breathe in the same air he breathed out”….what a beautiful thought. Happy anniversary to both of you. My blessings are always with you both. God Bless!!

  2. A

    aww, this is too flattering dear… used to think those romantic movies act were overly done and do not have any resemblances to real life! But those initial attraction i felt dragging towards you, something in the air that made everything feel good when you were around, dinner/movies plan so we cud be more with each other. It was an awesome feeling, which is hard to believe that i never felt before. the charm you have, your innocent looks, your true and pure heart… i just could not let it go without a try 🙂 and there it was destined… how truly blessed i feel that we found each other…
    Love knows no past, love conquers e’thing else, it has bounded us together for life… and it has crafted a beautiful life for us, ahead of us 🙂

  3. Best wishes to you both on your anniversary.May the love that u share Last your lifetime through 🙂

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