I am forgetful and I lose things :(

I’m not in the best of moods today!! I have no one to blame but myself for this… For as long as I can remember I’ve been proven to be careless and make silly mistakes.

The first one in my memory is when I was in class 5. I was very poor in maths and science during those days. So my score always used to be 40/100, 50/100 and so on. If I’d get 60/100, I’d be more than happy and glad. So because of this reason, I was never fond of exams(well who is, i guess!!) and result day as on the result day one of my family members would have to accompany me to the school and I’d get that big lecture on how low my marks are. On that particular result day, my maths teacher was explaining to my uncle(who was with me to pick up my report card) that I am not a bad student but a very careless student. She gets right all the process of solving a problem but she makes silly mistakes while adding and subtracting. He showed few of the examples in my answer sheet where I had made addition and subtraction mistakes at the end. I don’t know if I can say I improved after a while but my marks did go up and I am not sure if it was because of that sincere teacher who was able to point out my weakness at its root. But my point is, I have been silly and made silly mistakes throughout my life.

When I was in class 4, I was a very talkative girl(or so my brother always complained to my mom). Me and my brother were in the same bus but he’d never talk to me as he was shy and quiet and I was just the opposite!! So, on one fine Friday evening while returning home from school, I simply forgot my bag containing all the books and school materials in the bus. I got down from the bus without having a slightest clue that I’d blissfully left my bag in the bus. As we walk towards home, my brother asks me, “Where your bag?” and I realize that I had left my bag in the bus. I was so scared of upsetting my parents that day and my brother reminded me of all the incidents about my carelessness on the way back home. He constantly repeated, “How can you miss you bag in the bus?, Who misses their bag in the bus!!”. But luckily the driver had kept my bag safely and returned it to me on the following Monday.

Another common thing was losing a watch, so when I was little there was this formula back home, “No one gives R a watch(as she always loses it)”. I remember I lost a watch that my brother had given me, broke a watch that my maternal uncle had gifted me and lost my mom’s expensive watch that i had borrowed!!:(. So, it wasn’t until I graduated from University my brother finally gifted me a watch asking me to take care of it and not to lose it. Thankfully I still have it.

At home, I was the queen of doing silly things and losing stuffs. I lost my most favorite Parker pen that one of my brothers had gifted me, I lost a beautiful purse that my brother brought as a gift from Bangalore. I lost the pencil bag with all my stationery while at school. I’ve lost earrings, pens, books, bags, keys, mobile phones(that is why i carry the cheapest one around!) to name a few. During grad school days, my best friend P would always remind me of my purse, keys and mobile phone. There are several instances when I’ve just left my purse in the carrier of my cycle and my thoughtful neighbor would knock at the door to inform me that I’ve left my purse in the cycle. After a while I felt like I should not be attached to things or gifts as I there would be a possibility of losing them and at the end would feel low and sad that I hadn’t guarded my gifts properly. But this didn’t work either. Then one of my friends asked me to take this forgetfulness seriously and asked to take responsibility of my things. She was right and I did want to take responsibility of my things. So, finally when I thought I’d guard my things properly, I lost my phone and it was the graduation gift from my dad. I felt very sad that day :(.

Now to top all the things I’ve listed above, I’ve done another silly thing. I forgot that I had to get my work permit renewed!! Apparently my work permit expired and I didn’t even know about it until last week, a month after the work permit had expired!! I rushed to the HR to tell her that it had expired. She said, luckily your visa hasn’t expired yet and you can get away with 500Thai Baht a day fine or you have to apply for a new work permit. Sigh…(…..long breath……).

Anyway the current update is not bad, the HR called me today and informed that my new work permit is at the labor department for approval. I hope it gets approved and I get to stay here, I don’t want to go back home right now, I need to work and I need to save money for the wedding. I am really frustrated over my carelessness and this label that is attached to me. R is forgetful and loses things!!! 😦


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5 responses to “I am forgetful and I lose things :(

  1. A

    :(… e’body has forgotten lots of things along the way…random things like work-permit, license expiry date, i dont think a normal person can remember all without a reminder these days. but for regular things like room keys, mobile, wallet – if you tend to forget very often, then Google search suggests that keeping these 3 things at same spot e’day helps remembering them on a daily basis – one near the door at home and one RHS of your laptop at your desk e’day. this might help :)… if still forgot, then plan B 🙂

  2. Take it easy!
    A lot of people lose a hell lot of things.
    Did you know how many laptops are lost everyday at London Airport: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travelnews/2482615/Heathrow-Airport-is-laptop-crime-capital.html
    It’s not they are stolen… people just tend to forget them. After all, we are humans. Just try to keep your mind clear of thoughts, slowly you get better.

    • Yea I guess so, I was so frustrated that I keep losing things but as you said we’re just human after all.

    • When I’m in Heathrow Airport I won’t put my laptop down anywhere. I’m so paranoid about losing or forgetting it. I can well understand people forgetting them though. We have two boarding cards, passport, ticket in our hands and our hand baggage and laptop. It can be a stressful time, especially for people who are not so used to flying.

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