Momo Magic!!

A and I had a wonderful weekend. We made Momos. Momo holds a very significant place in our hearts. It brings back fond memories of our childhood. I remember we all used to sit down on the kitchen floor to make momo. Each of us had our own area of specialization and we were designated for specific jobs. Mom took care of the steaming part and dad advised on mixing the momo mince, Kancha rolled the dough, my brother was responsible for shaping the momo and me and my sister were the ones who’d help him by putting meat in each rolled piece of dough.  All of us would sit down in the kitchen floor, drink coke while making Momo, except Bua who’d drink Whiskey and if my brother got lucky he’d get beer :). Momo making binds the family together, it is the only dish that involves all the family members in its making.

Today I’m sharing my version of the famous Nepali Momo.


The first recommended step while making momo is preparing the dough.

Mix all purpose flour with water and some butter to make a soft dough. Mix well until it is soft and flexible. Cover it until rest of the ingredients are ready. Approximately 1 kilo of dough is required for 1 kilo of mince meat.

Chicken Filling for Momo

Chicken mince – 1 Kilo
Red Onions- 2-3
Garlic Paste- 2 teaspoon full
Momo masala or Garam masala- 2 teaspoon full
Olive Oil – 3 tablespoon
Chopped coriander
Salt/Pepper to taste

Put all the ingredients together in a big bowl and mix generously until all the spices are well mixed, if the meat is too dry do not hesitate to put half a cup of water to make it soft and juicy. For best results use your hand instead of a spatula :).

Spicy Tomato Momo Sauce Recipe
Tomatoes-Half Kilo
Garlic-2-4 Pods Crushed
Red Chillies- 3-4
Hing/Asafoetida-a pinch
Timur/Szechuan pepper -4-5 seeds
Salt to taste

The spicy sauce is an integral part of Momo. Momo without sauce is like sweet tea without sugar! My idea was to make one hot spicy sauce and another mild and sweet sauce, so the red sauce is hot and spicy while the white one is more mild and sweet.

In a pan, heat some oil and throw in the garlic and red chillies together with a pinch of hing, then put the tomatoes and cook until it is slightly (around 80%) cooked. After that let it cool for sometime and put the mixture in a blender to blend into a sauce. Serve chilled over hot Momos.

White/sweet Peanuts and Sesame Sauce

Garlic- 2 pods
Fresh Lemon Juice-1 tablespoon
Honey-1 tablespoon or according to your taste
Salt to taste

Roast the peanuts and sesame seeds together in a pan until golden brown. Set aside until it cools down to room temperature. After that blend the roasted sesame and peanuts with garlic pods and water to form a thick sauce. After that add lemon juice and honey before serving with hot Momos.

Shaping the Momo
Make small spheres of the soft dough and roll it to obtain a circular roti. Use some leftover flour so that the dough wouldn’t stick when you roll it. Then use a fork to put some mince meat in the roti and shape it according to your preference, half moon and circular are the most famous momo shapes.

For shaping the round circular momo,

  • Put the roti with meat on your left hand
  • Use your left hand thumb to press the meat and use your right hand to pinch the flour to fold and make a plate.
  • Continue to fold and pinch in circular way as you rotate the dumpling in your palm.
  • If you can’t get the shape right on the first time, don’t worry much, the basic idea is to cover the meat with dough and seal it so that it will be well cooked and the juices will remain intact.

After this, oil the base of the steamer and place the dumplings. Place the dumplings upside down so that it won’t break after its cooked and the juices remain intact. Steam it for about 10 mins and your delicious hot Momos are ready :).

Serve it hot with the Red and White sauce.



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17 responses to “Momo Magic!!

  1. That is so good to see you are making momo from scratch. I cheat and use the wonton patty to make it easy. Ohoo I want momo now 🙂

  2. I’ve had my attempts at it several times. I get better with it, but nothing beats fresh momo’s from the wednesday market. *sigh* how I miss it! And the momo aunty who gave me a few more! 😀 I want momos now too!

  3. pratikshya

    I also want to have momo now 🙂 Very deatiled recipe indeed.

  4. A

    surely Momo party is a special social gathering which we all look forward every now and then… oh when’snext 😀

  5. P

    Great reference for whenever I want to make momo from now onwards. I still get confused when it comes to making achaar.

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