Great Post, applies to all of us who want change 🙂

Alex Shye

I recently read an article by Steven Pressfield titled “The most important writing lesson I ever learned”.  In short, the lesson is this: no one wants to read your shit.  I’ve just begun writing, but hopefully over time people won’t mind reading my shit. In any case, here’s some more shit.

This got me thinking more broadly about the most important lesson I ever learned. The lesson is quite simple, and may sound familiar:

Just do it.

Simple right? I would like to think so too, but it took me 23 years to properly apply it outside of just having fun.

The backstory.

I’ve never been good at doing what I’m “supposed” to do.

I was never the model Asian child. I talked back to my parents. I listened to 2pac during class at Chinese school. I cut summer school classes to bike around and explore. This exploring…

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