Thai Food for Lunch-Monday

This week, I am going to talk about Thai food. Everyday at lunch, we go to the office canteen and browse through around 13 stalls for Thai food, I think its great that I work in Thailand and I have so much options in terms of Thai food.

Thai food is generally spicy and has rich aroma and flavors. Authentic Thai food is all about spices and aromas from herbs like lemon grass and lemon leaves. But there are milder version of Thai food that is more Chinese inspired which emphasizes on the actual flavor of the food itself rather than relying on other ingredients.

Today I will talk about my lunch for Monday and discuss the ingredients.

Yam Kai Krob (Spicy fried chicken salad)

Yam Kai Krob with rice is one of my favorite dishes for lunch. “Yam” means sour but refers to hot and spicy and sour flavor(like in Tom Yam) in Thai, “Kai” is chicken and “Krob” is crispy. So “Yam Kai Krob” is Hot and Spicy and lemony crispy Chicken salad.

As I walked to the stall where they sell Yam Kai, I said “Yam Kai Krob ka”, but they usually don’t understand what I say in Thai so the canteen guy asked me “araina?” meaning what? So at this point A stepped up front and said the same thing and the canteen guy nodded. A’s Thai is very good compared to all the expats here.

After this, the big guy started tossing all the ingredients in a large bowl, mixed it and my salad was ready on the plate besides a scoop of rice (it took only about a minute).

It looked like this:

Yummy Yam Kai Krob 🙂

If you want to try this spicy Thai salad at home, you can refer to the following recipe that I guessed from my dish ;), but don’t worry its quite precise :).

Main ingredients

1. Onion-finely chopped
2. Tear drop tomatoes- sliced(tomatoes for salads, not cherry tomatoes though)
3. Lemon juice- one tablespoon
4. Red chilly flakes- as per your taste, I order mildly spiced which is a pinch
5. Freshly cut Cilantro
6. Thai roasted ground rice- a teaspoon full
7. Fish sauce- substitute for salt (in Thailand salt is seldom used in cooking)
8. Crispy Fried Chicken


Place all the above ingredients in a large mixing bowl, toss it and the salad is ready!! 🙂

Happy Lunching!!

Tuesday is my vegetarian day, so wait for some more Thai salad recipe.


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3 responses to “Thai Food for Lunch-Monday

  1. I am a big fan of Thai food and can’t wait to go back to Thailand to have more. My favourite is papaya salad and soft shelled crab.

  2. A

    looks so easy to cook…unless one already can find crispy fried chicken ready to mix like this 🙂

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